About Crafternoon Tea…

As ‘ladies who lunch’ we had long considered the idea of opening a tea room. We feel people fundamentally like a little bit of style, and central to our vision was providing good quality food at very reasonable prices. Crafternoon Tea means people can enjoy some style, elegance and class without having to pay ‘elegant’ prices.

Crafternoon Tea is our second business venture, the first being 22 years old. We are very ‘hands on’ and planned the venture meticulously from interior designing the tea room to devising the menus. Indeed, I produce many of the hand knits too!

The craft aspect of the business grew out of my lifelong interest in producing mostly hand knit arans, first as a hobby and now as a business. In truth it probably originated with my mother who started knitting 50 years ago, though she probably wouldn’t thank you for pointing that out!  She too is involved with Crafternoon Tea and can be found most days chatting with customers who have an interest in the crafts, the food, or indeed anything else.

We are committed not only to providing a cosy place to enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or just tea and scones but also to developing the crafts further. Though we currently offer crafts from throughout the country, we continue to seek out new craftspeople and products. At present the majority of our hand knits are produced in Co Galway and hand crocheted items are from Blessington. The enamel jewelry and silk scarves are from Co Westmeath, Wooden Pens from Co Donegal, Games and Cards from Co Cork and Jigsaws from Co Mayo.


Patricia & Maureen